There is such a wide range of CCTV cameras available now that it is possible to cater for a wide range of locations and lighting conditions. Dome cameras are the most popular and are available in a Day/Night version to enhance picture quality in the dark.

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Pictures over Internet

Most modern DVR's have facilities for viewing CCTV images from any computer connected to the Internet.

Digital Video Recorders

DVR's are the best way to record your CCTV images for playback or backup.  The use of video tape recorders is no longer practical.  Todays VCR's are packed with features and we can advise on the best models for your needs.


Your options for a monitor for your CCTV pictures are

1. a dedicated monitor for CCTV

2. a computer monitor

3. a domestic TV

.....or a combination of all/any of the above.